January 24, 2022

8 Natural Solutions For Hair Loss


8 Natural Solutions For Hair Loss 


The Role Magnesium Plays In Hair Loss 

Magnesium: a magnesium deficiency gives calcium the freedom to run wild. The calcium deposits around the hair follicle and causes hair loss. Check out our 30-Day Instagram magnesium tips HERE

Kristen Recommends - avocado, pumpkin seeds, and beans.

The Role Vitamin D Plays In Hair Loss

Vitamin D:  is an important micronutrient for your hair because it stimulates new hair follicle growth. The best place to get vitamin D is from sunshine. My favorite whole food source for this is cod liver oil. Did you know that synthetic vitamin D does not utilize the cholesterol in your body, meaning you skip a step and leave the cholesterol without being converted to vitamin D?

Kristen Recommends - salmon and egg yolks.

The Role Vitamin A Plays In Hair Loss

Vitamin A: cod liver for the win again. Vitamin A needs to be balanced with vitamin D and helps keep your liver healthy. The most important role vitamin A plays with your hair is keeping your scalp moisturized.

Kristen Recommends - broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin seeds. 


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The Role Iron Plays In Hair Loss

Iron:  helps your hair to grow as it boosts circulation and carries oxygen to the root helping it grow faster and longer. 

Kristen Recommends - eggs, liver, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, and oysters 

Ferritin: is a type of protein found in your blood that stores iron. When your body gets low in ferritin, your body will take that ferritin from your hair, leaving it weak. 

Kristen Recommends - green leafy vegetables, beans, pumpkin seed, and 85% or more dark chocolate. 

The Role Vitamin C Plays In Hair Loss

Vitamin C: helps you absorb your iron more efficiently. Supplements made from High Fructose Corn Syrup actually rob your body of ferritin. vitamin C from a whole food source like Acerola Cherry Powder will give you the vitamin C boost needed for hair growth. 

 Kristen Recommends: brussels sprouts, strawberries, kiwi, and grapefruit.


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The Role B12 Plays In Hair Loss

B12: is needed to carry oxygen to your hair follicle. Remember, B12 is depleted every time you experience stress and/or eat sugar. Desiccated liver is a whole food source of B12.

Kristen Recommends - eggs, salmon, clams, and nutritional yeast.


The Role Zinc Plays In Hair Loss

Zinc: is essential in keeping the oil glands around your hair follicle working. If your hair is really dry or oily, we can look at zinc for solutions.

Kristen Recommends - beans, nuts, seeds, and oysters.