January 10, 2024

High Protein Sauce Recipe

High Protein Cottage Cheese Sauce Recipe

Enjoy this adaptable and tasty sauce in your meals!

- 1 container of good culture cottage cheese (or your preferred brand)
- Salt and pepper, to taste
- Garlic, minced or powdered
- Your choice of herbs (Meg’s suggestion: Greek seasoning)

1. Warm: Start by gently warming the cottage cheese. This helps in achieving a smoother consistency.
2. Blend: Place the cottage cheese in a food processor and blend until smooth.
3. Season: Add salt, pepper, garlic, and your choice of herb or seasoning to the blended cheese. You can adjust the quantity to suit your taste. We added Parmesan cheese, which always goes in for the flavor profile. 
4. Serve: Pour the sauce over a combination of roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, and steamed red potatoes.

Customization Tips:
- Change the Protein: Feel free to use any protein of your choice.
- Experiment with Spices: Try different herbs and spices to vary the flavor.
- Alternate Base: Replace potatoes with riced cauliflower or quinoa for a different experience.

Note: This recipe is dairy-based, and I am unsure how to make it dairy-free.