April 04, 2024

Magnesium & The Sunshine Vitamin

Magnesium Soak & Vitamin D Go Hand in Hand

Soaking in Magnesium has been shown to play a role in activating stored vitamin D levels, supporting healthy bones, and helping to maintain healthy gut function.


Understanding Active & Stored Vitamin D

When your doctor tests your vitamin D levels, they are testing your stored vitamin D levels, and there is a bigger picture. My doctor was only testing my stored vitamin D, which is the standard practice. I wanted the whole picture. I wanted to know where my stored and active was. I wanted to know how much magnesium I had to convert that stored into active. 

I was taking oral vitamin D, not realizing that this was only increasing my stored levels. I wanted the full spectrum of vitamin D. It is the first gateway of health and I wanted that gate open and working to heal my body.

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This is where magnesium comes into play. I wanted my stored to convert to active vitamin D. It cannot happen without having enough magnesium to convert it to the active form. Active vitamin D is like the trigger of the different metabolites of vitamin D. It does not circulate in your body for very long because your adipose tissue utilizes it and stores most of it in the liver. 

Please remember that even though people call it vitamin D, it is actually a hormone. A hormone that slows down all of the mineral functions in your body if not in the proper balance.

What is Active Vitamin D?

Active vitamin D is the biologically active form of the vitamin responsible for regulating numerous bodily processes such as bone and gut health, muscle function, immune system support, reproductive health, and so much more.

What is Stored Vitamin D?

Stored vitamin D is a reservoir of vitamin D in your body, which can be converted to active vitamin D when needed...but your body needs magnesium to make this conversion!

We want a balanced relationship between our active and stored vitamin D levels.

We know that if your stored vitamin D becomes 1.5 - 2 times higher than your active vitamin D, your chances for auto-immune issues go through the roof.

Supplementing with vitamin D only increases your stored, not your active, vitamin D levels. Soaking in Magnesium Soak helps your body convert the stored vitamin D into active vitamin D!