April 11, 2024

Reducing Life's Frictions

“In everything I do, I view it through a unique perspective: it’s all about soaking in magnesium and reducing friction.”

- Kristen Bowen
Founder and Living The Good Life Naturally

The journey to health can feel like a mountain of to-dos, and diving into the world of magnesium soaking adds yet another layer to navigate... My aim? To achieve and maintain a cellular magnesium saturation of 6.3. By focusing on reducing life’s friction and carving out the necessary space and time to soak. Keeping my magnesium levels strong is vital in activating my stored vitamin D levels. 


Everything I do is viewed through magnesium and reducing stress; for me, there are two parts: one is the actual physical soaking in Magnesium Soak, and the other is living my life in the way that I’m reducing the friction. This optimizes my magnesium soaking time by keeping my magnesium burn rate low so I do not need to soak daily to maintain magnesium cell saturation. I don’t want to be that person who spends their entire day doing things to be healthy. I want to be that person that has the energy to connect and love on people while making the world a better place.

Let’s take meal prep as an example. It’s usually my zen zone, where I find immense joy and satisfaction. But recently, it’s been anything but. I found myself grappling with frustration, a far cry from the contentment I’m used to. Why the change? I found myself in a space where I lacked my usual systems and the tools that streamline the process.

Systems reduce friction. Reducing friction helps you create a magnesium-rich environment.


To tackle this head-on, I did a quick inventory of what I needed to bring back my meal prep mojo: a set of salad bowls for mixing and more glass containers. Glass containers are a staple in my thrifting adventures, so I was confident I’d snag those easily. And as for my beloved salad bowls left at home? They were definitely worth getting again.

By addressing the friction points head-on, I reduced the ‘Magnesium Soak’ needed to maintain my equilibrium. It’s about making life a little easier and maintaining mineral status so that my body can live in the optimal zone of Living the Good Life Naturally.

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