Naturally increase your bile
February 01, 2022

How To Naturally Increase Your Bile

How To Naturally Increase Your Bile

Stop chasing symptoms! If you have tried to balance your hormones but didn’t work on your bile... you are chasing symptoms. If you have worked on cleaning up heavy metals and did not focus on bile function... you are chasing symptoms.

Bile is a foundational piece to healing.

Q: What is bile?

A: Your liver produces bile stored in the gallbladder; it is a greenish-yellow fluid made up of cholesterol. 

Q: What does bile do?

A: Bile breaks down fat to utilize nutrients and carry away waste products. 


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Q: What are the consequences of low and/or thick bile?

A: If your bile isn’t working efficiently, it can cause increased parasite activity, stop hormone production, heavy metal build-up, and an increased risk for gallstones. 

Q: How to increase bile naturally?


  • consistent hydration
  • bitter foods
  • dandelion root tea
  • fresh lemon water 
  • celery juice
  • tsp Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

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