March 17, 2022

7 Ways to Make Magnesium More Effective

7 Ways to Make Magnesium More Effective

Here are some tips to help your body hold onto more magnesium.

After a 30 Day Magnesium Soaking Challenge, you want your magnesium test to be a 5.0 or higher. 

  • Remember you want to finish your 30 Day Magnesium Soaking Challenge strong by testing your magnesium within 3-5 days of finishing.

  • Upping your taurine and splitting them into two doses is more effective. Powdered taurine is more readily available for the body. I do not see the capsules or pills helping at all. Taurine is an amino acid that holds magnesium in the cell. 

  • Upping your boron levels through food and/or supplementation can help by lowering inflammation and allowing magnesium to enter the cell. (People with PCOS should avoid boron)

  • Upping your B vitamins through food and/or supplementation. If supplementing using a methylated version of the B vitamins allows your body to utilize it more efficiently. B vitamins escort magnesium into your cell.

  • Think about adding L-Glutamine in powdered form for the easiest consumption. I would add this with a 30 Day Magnesium Soaking Challenge and then test within three days of ending the 30 days. 

  • Uric acid levels also hold magnesium levels down. Testing your uric acid levels and keeping them under 5.5 will also help you hold onto more magnesium.

  • Keeping your morning blood sugar in the 80s will also save more magnesium in your body. Evalute the amount of sugar and processed carbs that you eat everyday. 

**This is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice; always seek the guidance of a qualified health professional.